Life's Pilgrims

Life is a journey, and we are all pilgrims traveling its varied paths.

Our Journeys

Answering Nature’s Call 

The Bare Essential
Everything you need to know about "going" in the woods.

Hike to No Where

Every year for the past five or six years we have made a pilgrimage to Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park and I didn't want this year to be an exception. 

How my backpacking life started

The weekend of May 13, 2004, My cell phone rang. I answered it to my husband asking “What’cha doing this weekend?”

Backpacking with the family.

Ten years after my first backpacking trip, we are getting ready for our first outing of our 2014 season, heading to the Kissimmee Prairie Preserve for the long holiday weekend in January.! 

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